We are currently using the Microprobes 16 channel FMAs to record from the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) in mice. These high quality electrode arrays have allowed us to achieve distinct single-unit activity in freely behaving animals as they run a wide range of behavioral tasks. The flexible cable used in the FMAs is extremely useful when recording from anterior cortical structures since the headstage connector can be placed posteriorly, which allows the animals to behave naturally without additional strain that may hinder their movement.

Following advice from the Microprobes team (particularly Nicholas Alba), implantation surgeries take roughly 2-3 hours and has thus far been very successful. Paired with both tethered and telemetric recording systems, we are able to record from up to 30 single units simultaneously after only about one week from surgery. Additionally, these chronic electrodes rarely lose their efficacy and have continued to maintain a high signal to noise ratio until about three months after surgery. We have been ecstatic with not only the FMAs, but also the Microprobes team, who are always there to help with custom designs, implantation troubleshooting, and fast turnarounds on urgent orders.

Ziv Williams
Ziv WilliamsHarvard University