Chronic EMG Patch

Chronic EMG Patch


Chronic EMG Patch is a fully customizable and convenient option for those looking to perform EMG recording or stimulation on muscular, digestive, or other peripheral tissue. Patches can be cut to shape and incorporate a variety of different contact counts and arrangements to match the geometry of your target.

DUAL CONTACT OPTIONS - SINGLE OR DOUBLE SIDED Dual Contact Options - Single or Double Side
Multi Contact Options


x1 = Distance between contacts.

x2 = Length of contact.

x3 = Distance between pair of contacts.

y1 = Width of the patch.

y2 = Height of the patch.

s = Length of the Teflon insulated stranded SS lead wires.

n = Number of contacts.


Standard Models
Model Description
EP103 Single side Distance between contacts 3 mm
EP105 Single side Distance between contacts 5 mm
EP203 Double side Distance between contacts 3 mm
EP205 Double side Distance between contacts 5 mm
Options include customized contact arrangements and orientations, user-specified contact count on one or both sides, special contact designs such as platinum foil, and customized lead and connector designs.


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