EMG Hook

EMG Hook


The model EMT-2-30 sub-cutaneous bipolar hook electrode is an improved alternative to less stable needle electrodes for recording in muscle tissue. A 27-guage hypodermic needle is used to introduce the two 50-micron diameter stainless steel recording wires through the skin.

The electrode wires are insulated with H-PN Red/bifilar, a biocompatible Polyurethane with a nylon overcoat, and are exposed approximately 500 microns at the end. After the electrode wires are inserted to the desired depth, the hypodermic needle is withdrawn, leaving the flexible electrode wires securely fixed in the muscle. Each electrode is individually packaged in a self-sealing sterilization pouch.


Model EMT-2-30
Item Characteristic
Hypodermic needle #27 gauge x 1.5 inches
Wire specifications #304 Stainless steel, 50 micron diameter
Insulation H-PN Red bifilar insulation (Poly urethane with a nylon over coat)
Length of wire 30 inches beyond hypodermic needle (wire ends are exposed approx. 5 mm)
Electrode tip exposure 0.5 mm
Packing Sterile Pouch

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Model EMT-2-30
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Model EMT-2-30 $360.00
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