Portable AC Differential Amplifier MDA-1P

Portable AC Differential Amplifier - MDA-1P

low impedance differential recording


The Model MDA-1P was designed for relatively low impedance differential recording using metal microelectrodes, nerve cuff electrodes, EMG electrodes, and any other low impedance electrodes. It is primarily intended for muscle and nerve studies where low noise and very high common mode rejection are necessary.


  • 12dB/octave Bessel function high pass filter with 5 cut-off frequency settings.
  • 12dB/octave Bessel function low pass filter with 5 cut-off frequency settings.
  • 60 Hz Notch filter can be switched on to reduce line noise from environment.
  • Battery operated for portability.
  • Over 250 hours of use on (2) 9-Volt Alkaline batteries (over 400 hours with (2) 9-Volt Lithium-Metal batteries).
  • Stimulus terminals provide for insertion of an external signal/stimulus directly to the electrodes (continuously or gated by an external pulse).
  • Less than 2 µVRMS of input amplifier noise from 10 Hz to 10kHz.


Portable AC Differential Amplifier - MDA-1P
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File name: MDA-1P_Owners-Manual.pdf

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Model MDA-1P
Item Description
Input Resistance 10 MOhms shunted by 1 pF
Gain 10 to 1,000 continuously adjustable
Common Mode Rejection 60,000 min. @ 60 Hz (94 db)
10,000 min.@ 1,000Hz (80db)
Noise 10 Hz to 10 kHz (input shorted) <2 µVRMS
Input Coupling AC
Maximum Common Mode Signal ± 5V
Input Dynamic Range ± 0.7V (1.4Vp-p)
Output Dynamic Range 14 Vp-p
Low Frequency cutoff Settings -3db @ 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 Hz (12dB/octave)
High Frequency cutoff Settings -3db @ 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 Hz. (12dB/octave)
Output Polarity Non-Inverted relative to left (+) differential input
Output Impedance 100 ohms
Gate Pulse (MDA-1 & MDA-1P only) 2.2 volts min. (6 msec pulse width min.)
Power Requirements + 9 Volts @ 2.3 mA, -9 Volts @ 2.8 mA
+9 Volts @ 33mA when in “stim” mode
Physical Dimensions 9" w x 3.6" h x 6.5" d