Floating Microelectrode Arrays

Floating Microelectrode Array


A sophisticated neural interface that is typically best suited for chronic recording and/or stimulation in large animal cortex, the  FMA  has also seen successful use in a variety of small animal and peripheral nerve studies. The low profile, small size, and great flexibility of the FMA make it ideal for the implantation of a large number of arrays simultaneously in the same animal, allowing a multitude of cortical locations to be targeted at the same time. Additionally, the length and impedance of individual electrodes within the same array are completely customizable, giving researchers the capability of recording multiple cortical layers and deep structures, or collecting LFP and single unit activity from the same cortical region. The  FMA  is also capable of remarkably long periods of chronic use, with over seven years of continual single unit recording having been reported from multiple arrays in non-human primate.

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  • Up to 36 channels per array.
  • Custom impedance in each microelectrode.
  • Custom length of each microelectrode of the array.
  • Custom pedestals.
  • Microelectrode impedance is individually customizable from anywhere between 5 kOhm to 5 MOhm
  • Small, low profile arrays allow many to be implanted into one animal (over 20 arrays in primate).
  • Available in Platinum/Iridium and Pure Iridium, with activation of Iridium electrodes on request.
  • Cable length up to 20 cm.


Single Unit - LFP
Isolated Preparations
Spinal Cord
Peripheral Nerve Blundes


Larger Animals
Larger Animals
Non-Human Primates
Bat subject


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