Kwik-Cast™ is a very low viscosity silicone sealant developed to embed peripheral nerves with electrodes for acute multi-fiber recordings. It flows easily, filling the small spaces around the nerve and leaving no channels through which peritoneal fluid can travel and thus short the nerve/electrode contact. Equally important is the ability of the material to flow into itself and create one continuous mass from underneath the nerve all the way to the top of the nerve/electrode contact to ensure long-term recording stability. Kwik-Cast is color-coded to make the mixing foolproof. The catalyst is yellow and the base is blue. When uniformly mixed, it is green. Kwik-Cast can be applied and cured underneath mineral oil. After recording, electrodes are easily recovered due to the low tear strength. The slight longer curing time (approx. 3 minutes) makes it more suitable for stationary preparations and in vitro tissue studies.



Ideal for neuroscience applications, nerve studies and more

  • Bio-compatible adhesive to seal live tissues
  • Embed peripheral nerves with electrodes
  • Pre-mixing tips simplify use (Includes 10 mixing tips)
  • Medium strength adhesion
  • Low toxicity
  • Rapid curing silicone adhesive, cure on contact
  • Cures without producing heat
  • The kit comes with (2) cartridges of 2 part silicone
  • Kwik-Sil dries clear; Kwik-Cast dries green
  • Kwik-Sil dries a little faster than Kwik-Cast
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Each pack includes (2) 5ml syringes and a pack of 10 tips.

600022 Additional tips, pack of 10 tips $52.00


KWIK-CAST Silicone Casting Compound (two 5-mL syringes)

KWIK-SIL Silicone Adhesive Compound (two 5-mL syringes)

  Kwik-Sil Kwik-Cast
Mix Ratio 1 to 1 1 to 1
Working Time < 5 minutes* 4 minutes
Setting Time (Room Temp., 1:1 Ratio) 5–10 minutes** <10 minutes
Cure Time ~15 minutes  
Viscosity, CPS 15,000 10,000
Guaranteed shelf life at 23 °C 6 months 6 months
Volume 5 mL 5 mL
Number of mixing tip 10 10
Dead volume of the mixing tip <0.12 mL <0.12 mL
Tear strength, PPI 90 44
Elongation % 650 60
Durometer (Shore A-2) 30 36
Clore translucent green
Volume resistivity, W/CM 1x1015 1x1015

* 3 minutes average with about 90 seconds of liquidity

** no longer mixable at this point