Management Team

Nicolas Alba

Chief Operating Officer

Also serving as our Director of Research and Development, Dr. Alba is available to help you design electrodes and arrays specifically built for your individual research needs. For investigators that wish to perform clinical research using our products, Dr. Alba will assist you in building the most appropriate electrode for your work as well as providing you with the information you need to comply with the requests of the oversight and regulatory bodies you are working with.

Dr. Alba graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Department of Bioengineering in 2013, where he performed his doctoral research in the Neural Tissue/ Electrode Interface and Neural Tissue Engineering lab under Dr. Tracy Cui. Prior to his work at Pitt, he achieved his BS and MS degrees at the University of Florida Department of Materials Science and Engineering, where he specialized in polymers and biomaterials. During the course of his research Dr. Alba explored a number of topics including electrochemical analysis, neural tissue recording, conducting polymer synthesis, and the development of nano-structured thin film coatings and drug release technologies. Dr. Alba is experienced in both acute and chronic implantation of cortical devices in rodent, as well as tissue preparation, immunohistological labeling, and the imaging of inflammatory tissue response.

Using this experience, Dr. Alba will assist in developing our next-generation electrode products to better assist your research needs. He will be happy to discuss any challenge you have as part of your research and/or any new ideas you want to develop with Microprobes as your partner.

Brian bak

Brian Bak

Manager, Production

Brian is responsible for managing the development of new products and line extensions, as well as streamlining fabrication protocols for established product lines. Brian also collaborates with the research & development and marketing departments to align manufacturing goals and timelines with commercialization schedules and corporate strategy.

Since joining the company in 2006, Brian has utilized his expertise in conceptualizing new ideas to provide customized support to our diverse customer base. Pharmaceutical investigators and academic researchers alike have found Brian’s understanding of their application needs to be invaluable in developing new design concepts.

Although he contributes to each product line, Brian dedicates most of his attention to the rapidly expanding Floating Microelectrode Array (FMA) and Linear Microelectrode Array (LMA) product categories. Specifically, Brian has established GMP standards for key customers as part of pre-clinical studies that utilize FMA technology. Prior to joining MicroProbes for Life Science, Brian worked at the National Institutes of Health, where he provided a broad range of technical and application support services.

Brian received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, and is also a certified auditor for ISO 9001:2000 quality management system standards.